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What Makes XanFree Different?

XanFree’s ingredients have been researched by top neuroscientists and institutes in the world. We carefully formulated our product to best support anxiety and stress. * If anxiety cripples your peace of mind, then imagine the relaxation you will achieve with an enhanced mental state at your convenience.


Anxiety, stress, and frustration, unfortunately, comes naturally as a hard-working professional with ever-increasing responsibilities. XanFree’s ingredients is designed to give you the stress relief and relaxation your mind hungers for at the end of each working day. *

Young Adults

Young adults today are more uncertain about the future than ever. Feelings of worrying, tension, tiredness is common because our society seems to prevent our generation to thrive and live our greatest dreams. XanFree’s ingredients provide a natural solution to ease the intense strain and get your mind thinking more optimistic and positive. *

Working Parents

Being a parent alone is a job most people couldn’t handle. Being a parent while working one or even two jobs to support yourself and your family can make you feel on edge every hour of every day. XanFree’s ingredients are designed to give you that unwinding relief you so desperately need. *


Balancing good grades, club meetings, finances, having a social life and trying to land that summer internship can feel like a huge amount of pressure; leading to anxiety. XanFree’s ingredients can tame your restlessness and help clear your mind to efficiently complete your many jobs as a student. *

What Can XanFree Do for You?

Do you find yourself feeling tense seemingly all the time? Self-perceived states such as calmness, confidence, happiness and optimism are keys to a better life. XanFree’s natural anxiety relief ingredients were designed to support a peace of mind. *

May reduce Feeling of Anxiety

XanFree’s ingredients have been scientifically researched to support strong anxiety relief. One of those ingredients is passionflower. Passionflower is a climbing vine native to South America. When combined with L-lysine and L-arginine, its calming effects are amplified. On this diagram scientists perform a double-blind study with passionflower versus other Benzodiazepine drugs. They both effectively brought users from a 20 anxiety-score to a 5 anxiety score in h.

Improved Happiness & Mood*

An incredible ingredient known as GABA or (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is a primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in humans and all mammals that blocks impulses between nerve cells in the brain. Low GABA levels may be linked to anxiety, mood disorders and epilepsy. Increased GABA intake can improve mood, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, lower blood pressure and many other benefits.

Calmness & Peace of Mind*

XanFree’s ingredients have been shown to reduce anxiety, which can help improve your overall quality of life. A key ingredient for this is L-Theanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in green tea. It’s used to build proteins, vital neurotransmitters and hormones.

Real Results, Real People

(These are real reviews from real people. These are not our claims,
this is what real people think about XanFree. Check it out!)

Briana | PhD Candidate Yale

“Suddenly, hours in the lab are no big deal."

Joanna | Marketing Assistant

“I love XanFree because it gives me peace of mind."

Joe | Venture Capitalist

“My intense workload doesn’t scare me as much anymore”

Jesse | High School Student

"XanFree works for me without the drawbacks of addictive drugs."

Kaitlin | Single Mother

“Feelings of tension and uncertainty seem to just slip away."


Anxiety is not a joke. Anxiety effects more than 40 million adults in the United States alone, including the founders here at XanFree. That’s why we took special care in making our delivery formula. It’s made of the best ingredients for improving mood and anxiety relief. XanFree’s ingredients are designed for benefits within hours and over time. You can expect to feel a rush of relaxation, less mental tension and an improved mood shortly after taking it. Over time, you’ll notice improvements in overall anxiety, happiness and mood. Get ready for a new mindset for your life.

We analyzed over 30 years of neuroscience research to design the safest and most effective formula. XanFree is manufactured in a modern GMP certified laboratory using the highest industry standards. Each batch is purity tested to ensure that only the best is delivered to your door.


The best hand-picked ingredients in the world for natural anxiety relief


An herbal remedy for stress reducing, & calming without sedation*
(occurs in passion vines)


An amino acid scientifically shown to reduce anxiety and stress. *
(occurs in black & green tea)


A compound in the herb “rosmarinic acid” can decrease stress and improve memory*
(occurs in lemon balm herb)


A perennial flower with properties to reduce anxiety and insomnia*
((occurs in valerian plant)


A flower found in arctic Europe that can alleviate depression and stress. *
(occurs in rhodiola rosea)


A perennial flower with properties to reduce anxiety and insomnia*
(occurs in valerian plant)

XanFree Tranquil Blend Totaling 23 Different Ingredients

Supplement Facts

Why Combine Magnesium in A Patch?

It’s estimated that 75% of Americans are Magnesium deficient. Studies show people with low-Magnesium levels are directly connected to frequently having feelings of depression and anxiety. Magnesium is unique because your body does not absorb it in the stomach efficiently. The best way to absorb Magnesium is directly into the blood stream.

3 Out Of 4 Adults Are Magnesium Deficient
Magnesium Deficiency May Be Linked to Anxiety
Magnesium Doesn’t Absorb Well in the Stomach, But It Does Through the Skin

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Less expensive than a cup of tea and more beneficial than any existing traditional anxiety relief product.


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